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Fruit Tea Jelly Candy Popsicle

Here's another easy dessert recipe that'll freeze the heat away!

This is perfect candy-filled frozen dessert that is vegan-friendly!


  • Brewed Tea ft Little Jasmine White Peach Black Tea

  • Jelly Candy

  • Tool: Ice cream mold


Step 1: Remove all the caps from the ice cream mold.

Step 2: Add Little Jasmine vegan jelly candies to the mold. Add as many or little as desire.

Step 3: Pour the tea into the mold until almost full. Leave 1cm for the mold to insert.

Step 4: Insert the caps and allow it to freeze for 2 to 4 hour

Step 5: Enjoy!

Here's the recipe in video format!

If you decided to recreate our recipe, please share us your results and tag us!

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