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May 2020 Newsletter: Do Good and Stay Well

Updated: Jun 23, 2022




Especially in times of need, it's crucial that we give back to our community and try to help those in need. Though this time is challenging for many, we at Little Jasmine are focusing on how we can be of service to our community. We encourage you to do the same-- whether it be by connecting with loved ones, donating food to shelters or at-risk community centers, or making music together over zoom! We'd like to share some of the ways we have connected to our community in the greater Los Angeles area during this time. We look forward to donating more and connecting with more incredible organizations in the future! FRIENDS IN DEED– FOOD PANTRY DONATION: Little Jasmine provided a total of 48 boxes of cookies to Friends in Deed’s Food Pantry section. On 5/16/20 (Sat), Little Jasmine dropped by their campus area in Pasadena to drop off the cookies. The following items were donated: 12 boxes of Fruit Jelly Soft Cookies: Kiwi Flavor 12 boxes of Fruit Jelly Soft Cookies: Apricot Flavor 12 boxes of Fruit Jelly Soft Cookies: Pineapple Flavor 12 boxes of Fruit Jelly Soft Cookies:Black Currant Flavor What is Friends in Deed? Friends in Deed has been serving the Pasadena’s homeless and at-risk communities since 1894. What does FID’s Food Pantry do? Their Food Pantry provides food assistance to low-income and no-income families in the greater Pasadena/Altadena area. The households are made up of “working poor” individuals, senior citizens and people with disabilities on fixed incomes, and those who are experiencing homelessness. FID provide food to more than 345 households per week (approximately 725+ people). This allows many of the families to offset the rising cost of food to pay for rent or other monthly necessities. Address: 444 East Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104 For more information about their Food Pantry, how to apply, get involved to help, or other inquiries, we encourage you to visit:

COMMUNITY OUTREACH CENTER DONATION: On April 17, Little Jasmine generously donated 27 units of 100-sheet Organic Roasted Seaweed to COC’s Marketplace. All produce in the Marketplace is discounted down to an affordable price, where all products are around $1. We are proud that our products are able to reach a wide variety of households in this way, and be apart of educating about and building awareness for good nutrition. We, too, strive to offer resources to educate, connect, and serve our tight-knit, loyal community. What is Community Outreach Center? Community Outreach Center was established by local business leaders in the San Fernando Valley with the mission to solicit and distribute surplus food and non-food items. The COC is an additional resource for families and people struggling to make ends meet. COC collects food, non-food products and other support from community distributors, manufacturers, retail outlets, individuals and corporations throughout Southern California. COC currently serves approximately 500 families per week with enough food to sustain their families for up to 2 weeks. COC strives to:

  • Make food affordable to needy families

  • Obtain food and other products and distribute through charitable partners

  • Create hunger awareness and education campaign for public support

  • Offer additional resources and services for families and people in need

Address: 11350 Saticoy St. Sun Valley, CA 91352 For more information, check out their Facebook page here. WHY WE DONATE: Little Jasmine strives to create a community where we take care of one another. From sharing recipes on our blog, sending educational newsletters with tips for healthier living, to offering all-natural, preservatives-free food and snacks, we aim to do our part. So during this time of unrest, we encourage you to join us in doing good and staying well. Plus doing good is good karma, and we could all use a little more of that!


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This newsletter article was original publish in May 2020.

NOTE: The Soft Jelly Cookies are no longer Available, they have been discontinued.

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