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More Self-Care Basics 123

Updated: Jun 23, 2022




Self-Care Basics 123 (cont.)

Our last newsletter introduced basic self-care tips; this time we will go a little deeper into each topic. Due to COVID-19, many of us are under big mental stress as there are too many unknowns in front of us. The good news is while we cannot our control external environment, we do have the power to control ourselves internally.

Practicing tender self-care can lower our stress levels and boost our immune system. By sincerely practicing the Self-Care 123's, we can empower ourselves during the current situation.

Let’s dive in deeper to the 3 basic principles of Self-Care 123:

1. Get Sleep:

Creating an environment with quality, fresh air and the right temperatureare crucial for quality sleep. On top of fresh air, using an aroma therapy diffusor can improve calmness while sleeping. When choosing an all-natural 100% essential oil, make sure there is no added fragrance and use basic mild oils such as: Lavender, Lemongrass, or Citrus. Please also make sure that if you have pets you need to find oils that are not harmful to them. Additionally, finding the right temperature is also key to supporting great sleep. Usually it is between 72-78 Fahrenheit— avoid keeping the room too hot or too cold. Another tip for great sleep is to avoid drinking too much fluid before going to sleep so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. This can especially be true when drinking alcohol before bed, as alcohol will make dehydrate us, and is more likely to disrupt smooth sleep.

2. Eat Well

Since we are all quarantined, cooking at home is becoming our priority. In addition to choosing the right foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein, it is imperative to check the nutrition panel and ingredients. The small stickers on fruits and vegetables offer us some information that can be super helpful! The 4 or 5-digit label either starts with 3, 4, 8, or 9. The labels beginning with a 9xxxxx mean they are USDA-certified organic. The ones that begin with 3xxx or 4xxx are regular commercially grown food, cultivated from artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The labels with 8xxxx signify that the product is a genetically modified product (GMO).

USDA-certified organic foods usually cost more than conventionally farmed products. When possible, we encourage you to choose organic, non-GMO fresh fruits and vegetables as they help boost our overall health. However, commercially farmed foods also provide a great baseline of health-boosting benefits, so as long as we wash them well and shave off the skins of fruits, you should be good to go!

Click here to see the last newsletter’s tips for how to read labels.

3. Exercise:

There are 2 kinds of exercises— aerobic and anaerobic. Both exercises are good for us if we do them right. Aerobic exercise is anything where oxygen intake is sufficient enough to provide the necessary energy without tapping into alternative energy sources. Anaerobic exercise has been defined by the American College of Sports Medicine as intense physical activity in a very short duration, fueled by the energy sources within the contracting muscles and independent of the use of inhaled oxygen as an energy source.

Aerobic exercises include: jogging, stepping, walking, cardio machine, dancing.

Anaerobic exercises include: weightlifting, jumping, sprinting.

I personally combine both in my weekly workouts, because they benefit us in different ways.

Based on these three topics about self care, we can go deeper and deeper. I will explore more possibilities in our next newsletter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Verona Tang, Little Jasmine, provides this article.

Verona Tang is the owner of Little Jasmine, a specialty food company. She has been studying yoga therapy and Ayurveda since 2003; She is also a certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher with a 500-hours advance teacher training certificate and is a Ayurveda wellness coach.


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