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Part 3: Self-Care Basics 123

Updated: Jun 23, 2022




How we can always be mindful of our health? Our health choices must become a habit. It is not a fashion statement or a fad-- it is a long-term, lifestyle commitment. A lifestyle that connects our body, sprit and mind. Atkins, vegan, keto….all these diets are artificial if we don’t build a mindful lifestyle. The diet we need to stick with is the diet that fits our body’s constitution. (Body constitution is what makes our bodies susceptible to certain diseases but not others.) We also need to choose exercise that will balance our constitution and lifestyle. If you’ve been reading our past newsletters (see Part 1 and Part II here), you will know we already covered some basic tips for sleeping, eating and exercise. Now we would like to go into more details on each subject. 1. Sleep: We need to give ourselves a mental break; there is no machine that can keep running without resting. Our brains are the same way! Especially at a time when we are glued to our smart phones, selecting information that feeds our minds is essential. There are countless news stories out there every day but are all these news really important to us? Are they benefitting our mind and our daily lives? We should be asking ourselves these questions first before consuming so much. Today we have the freedom to distribute and consume all kinds of information online, but some can be toxic. Just as we don’t feed our bodies junk food daily, we shouldn’t incessantly feed negative news to our minds. If we constantly absorb negative news, we can create diseases for us such as depression, anxiety, stress, ulcers, insomnia, or migraines. Be selective and use your wisdom to choose what to consume. I personally don’t watch the news every day because it is constantly bad news. Instead, I choose to listen to beautiful music, do a few deep breathing exercises, and stretch my body before I go to bed. It’s all about encouraging healthiness to your mind and body. When we sleep, it’s key to get a good night’s rest to recover from the day and recharge for the next. A tip for if you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom is to avoid checking your phone, as it disrupts your mind and resting cycle. 2. Eat well: Ever heard of vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, or raw diets? These diets are all fads. They have strong followings but ever wonder why one diet works for one person but not for another? It’s because we need to eat the food that fits ourbody's constitution. Based on Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda, we know that generally we have three kinds of body types: Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Without knowing your specific body type, you might feed yourself the wrong foods or follow the wrong diets.

So, how we can we figure out our body type? There are some simple questionnaires that we can provide to you for FREE, please feel free to request from: info@littlejasminefood.comand ask for Ayurveda body constitution tests. For now I would say do not follow any extreme diets, as balance is best. In my opinion, eating 100% vegan is not suggested unless you can avoid processed fake meat or processed bean products. Ironically, a vegan diet sounds great but there can be so many processed foods involved that the diet is unbalanced. Personally, I believe that the best diet is the whole foodsdiet, which encourages no processed foods so we can intake more nutrients. Another popular diet is the ketogenic diet. While it might work for some, it is an unbalanced and unsustainable diet. We aim to create eating habits that constitute a healthy lifestyle—not short-term diets to shed a few pounds. A long-term healthy lifestyle will help us maintain a healthy weight, maybe even lose weight, increase our physical energy and keep our minds clear. These are the long-term goals that we would like to promote. In essence, don’t hop on a particular extreme diet! In aiming to be healthy, choose to eat whole foods by using mostly fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, minimal animal protein, and oil. I could talk about food for days—in fact, our next newsletter will focus on artificial sugar and refined carbohydrates. 3. Exercise: What is so awesome about exercising is how creative with it we can be! Due to our busy schedules, we like to choose an exercise that will fit our current lifestyle. Personally, I like to walk with my dogs around my neighborhood for 40 minutes to one hour. A great option for busy people might be 24 Hour Fitness because of their flexible hours. It’s all about finding something we find enjoyable, accessible, and committable. During COVID-19 times, many small studios are offering online classes for yoga, Pilates, HIIT workouts, and strength training. Exercising is a healthy habit we work on implementing into our daily lives. Once the exercise becomes part of our lives, it will be in our daily schedules and become second nature, just like how we never forget to brush our teeth. Based on these three topics about self-care, we can continue to explore these topics deeper. Stay tuned for the next newsletter where we’ll continue Part 4 of the series. Verona Tang, Little Jasmine, provides this article. Verona Tang is the owner of Little Jasmine, a specialty food company. She has been studying yoga therapy and Ayurveda since 2003; She is also a certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher with a 500-hours advance teacher training certificate and is a Ayurveda wellness coach.

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NOTE: This newsletter post was posted originally in May 2020.

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