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Simple Onigiri

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Japanese rice balls, also called Onigiri, are a staple in Japanese cuisine. Stuffed with a variety of fillings and flavors, onigiri are an ideal snack or alternative to lunch. Below we give you the most basic recipe, which then you can embellish or just enjoy! The most common fillings include salted salmon, Japanese pickled plum, bonito flakes, simmered kombu seaweed, or tuna. These are perfectly delicious on their own as well!


  • Little Jasmine Seaweed

  • White, steamed rice-- Japanese short-grain rice works the best, but feel free to also use brown rice!

  • Salt


  1. Prepare desired cooked rice

  2. Cut seaweed into smaller strips to wrap rice

  3. Salt the rice

  4. Put a handful of rice into a sandwich bag and use the corner to mold it into a triangular shape. Tip: You can also just mold them with your hands by wetting your hands with water or a little sesame oil. You want it to be firm enough so it doesn't fall apart.

5. Wrap the onigiri with nori and enjoy!

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