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Delicious Onion Sauce Twin Pack

Delicious Onion Sauce Twin Pack


Product Description:

Embark on a culinary journey with our sensational Italian sauces! Our vegetarian-friendly, Delicious Onion Sauce is a symphony of savory caramelized onion richness that elevates every bite to new heights. Crafted in Italy, inspired by the country’s rich flavors, these sauces are a feast for the senses! With no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavoring they are the perfect enhancement for sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, buns, and charcuterie boards. Experience the epitome of ready-to eat perfection with our Delicious Onion Sauce- full of flavor, no prep needed!


    Product Information:

    • Delicious Onion Sauce [2 Pack]
    • Two Jars Per Order


    Product Ingredients:

    sunflower oil, onions, salt, wine vinegar, whey, pecorino cheese, garlic, red hot chili pepper traces & citric acid


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