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Self Care Basics 123

Updated: Jun 23, 2022





We are so excited you are here, and we can't wait for you to get to know us and our mouth-watering foods. Together, we can encourage each other to live a healthier lifestyle through cleaner eating. All our products are made with simple and honest ingredients.

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Our products are all non-GMO, use no child labor, nor animal testing/labor. We believe these conscious decisions ensure that fairness and awareness are at the foundation of our products.

With COVID-19 keeping us all at home, this is actually an opportunity for us to look inward to slow down our life and practice some self-care. True self-care is a long-term commitment— it’s a lifestyle that we live by everyday. True self-care should be easy, simple, inexpensive, and easy to adapt.

There are 3 simple things that we can start immediately and see the results within a short period of time. Self-Care Basics 123 is what I’ve been learning, practicing, and applying. Compiling my trainings and experiences for the last 17 years, I’ve decided to use Self-Care Basics 123 to share this information with you. Throughout the next few months, I will break down each topic and go deeper into each one.

Here are the three basic principles:

1. Get Sleep:

When I talk about sleep, I mean quality sleep. It is not about how long we sleep— it is about the quality of our sleep. Your physical body and organs need to rest. Sleeping can also help us to reduce stress, rejuvenate our organs, and recharge our energy. A lot of us are suffering from insomnia. Here are few simple tips you can try: cut down all caffeinated drinks after 12pm, avoid eating at least 4 hours before bedtime, and take a 10-minute, hot bath before bed.

2. Eat well:

Food is the foundation for our physical body. What we feed ourselves is crucial. Choosing the right food on a daily basis can be a challenge. There are temptations everywhere, from donuts to take-out! Simply, there are too much processed junk foods available to us and the majority of the people are lacking the knowledge in how to really eat well. Furthermore, the FDA doesn’t provide the best information and there are many big food companies manipulating our food industry. This all results in a lot of misinformation or information that is not necessarily too helpful for each individual.

Here are some very important tips when checking food labels. Look at the nutrition panel, expiration date, and ingredient list:

  • If a food can last longer than two years, you should consider that there are likely preservatives inside.

  • If you can’t read the ingredients because they include words you cannot pronounce, most of these type of ingredients are chemicals you should avoid.

  • Artificial sugar is another silent killer that we usually will forget. These fake sugars exist not only in our sweets but in our sauces, gravies, ketchups.

  • A simple way to eat well is to use simple ingredients with fresh protein, vegetables, or fruits— food made from a natural source, instead of pre-packaged, shelved, or canned food.

3. Exercise:

Based on each individual’s body size, diet, stress level, and job function, we all need different levels and lengths of exercise but I think we should choose a type that we enjoy and feel good about sticking with for a long time. Finding a few exercises that you like doing is the essential key to staying active. And it is important to find an exercise that you can easily access. For example: if you love mountain climbing, great! But can you do this everyday? If it’s raining outside, can you still go mountain climbing? We need to choose an exercise that we can add to our daily lives because we are talking about forming a habit into a lifestyle. Since we are staying home a lot during COVID-19, let’s brainstorm something fun and easy that we can do around or inside our homes! Walking is super easy—walking with your fur companions is even more fun! You can also do some crunches or run in place at home while watching TV, or even crank up some good music and dance with your loved ones.

Based on these three topics about self care, we can explore deeper and deeper. I will share more ways to live healthier in our next newsletter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Verona Tang, Little Jasmine, provides this article.

Verona Tang is the owner of Little Jasmine, a specialty food company. She has been studying yoga therapy and Ayurveda since 2003; She is also a certified yoga therapist, yoga teacher with a 500-hours advance teacher training certificate and is a Ayurveda wellness coach.

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