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Spicy Vegetarian Lotus Bun Recipe

Spicy Vegetarian Lotus Bun Recipe


1 Red Yeast Lotus Bun

Arroyo Kitchen Vegan Steak (Soak with lightly salted water or flavored watered of choice for 2 hours before cooking)

Arroyo Kitchen Midnight Spice Sauce

Baby Cabbage




Bun Preparations:


  • Use an electrical steam or traditional Steamer

  • Toss buns into steamer and leave in steamer for 5 to 10 minutes


  • Wrap bun(s) with wet paper towel

  • Microwave on low for 30 to 45 seconds

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Pre-soak and hydrate the AK Vegan Steaks in lightly salt water or preferred flavored water for 2 hours prior to use

  2. Pan-fry the vegan Steak

  3. Prepare the Red Yeast bun

  4. Spread Arroyo Kitchen Midnight Spice Sauce inside the bun

  5. Slice the tomatoes and avocado

  6. Insert the veggies and add the vegan steak

  7. Enjoy

Where to purchase:

Arroyo Kitchen Midnight Spice Sauce:

Arroyo Kitchen Vegan Steak:

- Contact us to purchase

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