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White Peach Tea w/ Soju

Updated: Apr 7, 2022


- Little Jasmine white Peach Black Tea

- Ice cubes

- Soju of your choice

- Mint leaf

- Sliced peaches (optional)

What is Soju?

Soju is a clear, colorless distilled alcoholic beverage of Korean origin. It is usually consumed neat, and its alcohol content varies from about 12.9% to 53% alcohol by volume. Most brands of soju are made in South Korea.

Preparation Instructions:

- Add 8 ounces of Little Jasmine White Peach Black tea into a glass cup of ice.

- Add 3 ounces (2 shots) of Soju into the tea.

- Stir until incorporated and add peaches (optional)

- Top the beverage with mint leaves and enjoy!

Where to buy:

Our teas are available in-store in selected:

Albertsons, Vons, 99 Ranch market, H Mart, Pavilion, Safeways, Uwajimaya, and Nijiya.


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